There are two main characters. These characters are Luca Spears and Caroline Hannings. Luca is a demon and Caroline is an angel, their personalities are very different, though they get along quite well.

Luca Spears:

Luca Spears is one of the two main characters and is openly gay, as well as very enthusiastic about it. He is based off of one of the authors, Kaoru Strider, and is very bubbly. He is shown to have a boyfriend later on in the webcomic, named Ivan. He is one of the side characters, and is a fallen angel. He is shown to flirt with other characters to make Luca jealous. Luca has a few personalities, so he is friends and enemies with everyone. At times he can also be completely insane, then the next second be happy and bubbly as if nothing happened.

Caroline Hannings:

Caroline Hannings is another one of the two main characters and is an angel. She is very calm and collected, except for when one of her favorite characters from one of her fandoms is mentioned. She later on in the story becomes lovers with Mason, the werecat. Though she is calm and almost never gets insane like Luca Spears, she can get REALLY scary when she is mad at someone.

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